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Quarterly reports

Each quarter we publish information about the reports made to Netsafe including statistics related to harmful digital communications. The data reflects high-level trends and does not include easily identifiable information.

Netsafe has a dedicated research team looking at people’s experience of harmful digital communications. Read more in our research section.


Please email for any media queries. For all other information call 0508 NETSAFE.

2019 Netsafe media releases

12 December 2019: Insights into New Zealand’s experience of online hate speech

2 December 2019: New insight into Kiwi kids’ online interaction with people they don’t know

18 November: Kiwis lose nearly $23m to online scams

30 September 2019: New research reveals the online lives of New Zealand kids

2 May 2019: Digital self-harm affecting NZ teens, new research report reveals

3 April 2019: Kiwis lose $33M in 2018 – new approach needed in the fight against online scams

23 January 2019: Image based sexual abuse a problem for Kiwis of all generations, new research report reveals

2018 Netsafe media releases

10 December 2018: Risks related to children sharing nudes and seeing sexually explicit content among parents’ top online concerns

10 October 2018: Cyberbullying a $444M problem for NZ, new report reveals

23 August 2018: Abuse, harassment and bullying complaints reach new record high, rising by 46% in the first half of 2018

1 August 2018: Netsafe steps up local fight to tackle child sexual abuse material online

5 June 2018: Nearly 1 in 5 NZ teens unable to take part in daily activities due to negative experience online

27 February 2018: Taking away technology doesn’t keep us safe – NZ teens  

20 Feb 2018: 2017 regional losses to scams and fraud revealed

1 February 2018: Unwanted contact online seriously affecting 1 in 10 Kiwi adults 

25 January 2018: Kiwis lose over $10m to online scams in 2017

2017 Netsafe media releases

6 December 2017: Nudes and NZ teens: New research sheds light on the online experiences of young NZers

9 November 2017 – Netsafe tackles $257m cyber crime problem, with AI weapon against scammers

28 October 2017 – New research reveals how many young people share nude images

19 July 2017: Netsafe warns New Zealanders against posting “revenge porn” or sharing intimate images of others online

28 June 2017: New grant funds eight projects to combat online abuse, bullying and harassment in New Zealand

31 May 2017: Online bullying, abuse and harassment service receives over 900 reports in first six months

22 May 2017: We need to teach kids how to behave online – Netsafe’s advice for parents on Bullying-Free NZ Week

14 March 2017: Half of NZ high school students unsupervised online outside of school

7 February 2017: NZ ‘unites’ for a better internet on Safer Internet Day

2016 Netsafe media releases

22 December 2016: Cyberbullying not just a problem for kids

5 December 2016: Microsoft and Netsafe issue fresh warning about scammers

18 November 2016: Netsafe launches long awaited cyberbullying service