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As a parent, it’s normal to want to share your child’s milestone moments with friends and family. Many parents do this through social media as it’s a quick and easy way to connect with friends, but did you know this makes you a sharenter? We’ve put together some tips to help parents share details about their children safely online.

What is ‘sharenting’?

‘Sharenting’ is a term used to describe parents sharing images or videos of their children online.

Our top five tips for sharing images of your children safely:

1. Look ahead

Whenever you want to post something online about your child, it’s worth thinking about the digital footprint you are creating for them by posting images or other content. Some photos or content may seem harmless now but could lead to something more negative later. Think about how your child might feel about the content you’re sharing once they’re older and how it may affect their future.

2. Ask for permission

Does the photo you’re about to post include other people’s children? It’s best if you ask their parents for permission before you post a photo online. If your children are old enough consider asking them if they’re ok for you to share it before you post a photo as well. Asking for permission before you post is a great way to teach them about respect and consent online.

3. Check your privacy settings

If you’re thinking about sharing a photo of your child on social media it’s important that you first check what privacy settings you have set up. Some social media networks default to public or more open privacy settings when you sign up so make sure what you’re posting can only be seen by the people you’d like to see it.

4. Think about who you’ve got in your friend network

A lot of people have social media networks that include people they aren’t close to anymore. Make sure you are happy with everyone in your social media friend network seeing the photo – if you’re not sure or if you’d prefer to share it only with a smaller group consider setting up a private social network group with friends and family or a group chat.

5. Is there any personal information in the picture?

Before you hit post, have another close look at the photo to make sure you’re not revealing any personal information about yourself or your child. Some things to look out for include: the name of your child’s school, your road or house number or any other personal or private information.

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