New technology is constantly changing the way we live. It’s changing the way we communicate, the way we make purchases and even how we organise our lives.

We’re more connected than ever – and have access to more opportunities to learn, share and access services. There are some challenges though and that’s where Netsafe comes in.

We want to empower people to take advantage of the exciting possibilities of the internet by offering support, advice and education to help minimise and manage online risks.

Netsafe provides education, incident response and advisory services to individual internet users, government, business and community organisations.

The team works with a range of partners to strengthen and extend the online safety education and support services available to New Zealand internet users.

Key Concepts

Online safety is a complex issue. There is no ‘magic bullet’ to prevent online challenges taking place. This is why it takes a multitude of organisations with different knowledge and skills working together to develop prevention and response efforts.

Netsafe’s work is based on a range of research, theory and operational experience. Some of the important ideas that underpin Netsafe’s work are listed below:
•The evolution of online safety | From Cyber safety to Digital Challenge;
•Increased online opportunity = Increased digital challenge;
•From ‘protecting users from risk’ to ‘enabling Digital Citizens’;
•Education, Response, Advocacy | The evolution of online safety services; and
•Guiding young people’s learning in the digital world.


  • MICROSOFT AND NETSAFE CAMPAIGN AGAINST PHONE SCAMMERS: In September 2015, NetSafe and Microsoft New Zealand joined forces to run an awareness campaign targeting phone scammers that call with an offer to ‘fix’ aspects of people’s computers.
  • WEB RANGERS NEW ZEALAND: Web Rangers NZ is a programme developed by Google and Netsafe that gives young people an opportunity to think about the best way to promote online safety to others. 2015 marked the second annual campaign, run this year in conjunction with Stick’n’stones.
  • NETSAFE AND INHOPE: Netsafe was welcomed as the 50th member of INHOPE in June 2014. INHOPE is an active and collaborative network of 51 hotlines in 45 countries worldwide working together to combat child sexual abuse material (CSAM) online.