There’s a great mix of people at Netsafe. The team of dedicated experts all have one thing in common: we care about helping and supporting New Zealand internet users.

Netsafe’s depth of experience is unique in New Zealand and respected internationally. The team come from the education, government and business sectors and have backgrounds in project management, design, software development, network administration and security, IT sales, marketing, communications, education, policy, mediation and conflict resolution.

Netsafe’s leadership team

Martin Cocker

As the Executive Director of Netsafe, Martin leads the Netsafe team. He oversees the development of partner relationships in NZ and overseas and can often be seen or heard in the media explaining online challenges for New Zealand internet users. Martin’s knowledge is sought out by many in NZ and beyond.

Helen O’Toole

As Director of Operations, Helen is responsible for the contact centre team who receive and assess the reports submitted to Netsafe and help people with a wide range of digital challenges whether they be identifying scams or resolving online bullying and harassment. A former management consultant, Helen’s expertise lies in implementing new organisations, processes and systems and achieving operational excellence.

Sean Lyons

As Director of Outreach, Sean is responsible for Netsafe’s products, marketing and communications team. Sean comes from a background in the IT industry and the education sector having spent part of his career as a classroom teacher and school leader. He is incredibly knowledgeable about online challenges and is responsible for Netsafe’s programme to combat child sexual exploitation material.


Karen Spencer

As Director of Education, Karen leads the development and implementation of Netsafe’s education programmes. She is internationally recognised for her expertise in the smart design of future-focused learning approaches that harness digital technologies effectively and safely.

Neil Melhuish

As Director of Policy, Legal & Research Works at the interface of Netsafe and government partners to explain complicated online challenges in slightly simpler terms. Neil provides expert strategic and operational policy advice on the role of digital technology in the lives of young people, family and whānau and the wider community.

Media contacts

If you have a media query please contact Kimberly Burgess on 022 160 0697.